Financial Planning & Management

Our goal is to build an endowment which invested conservatively would produce sufficient funds to complete the creation of the Digital Archive, to provide for its ongoing support, and to initiate other continuing programs in support of our mission.

Financial Assumptions:

  • Funding is necessary to enable the Foundation to implement and maintain major programs and to support annual operations.
  • Major projects and programs will be financed from the income derived from investment of the endowment fund in order to assure long term viability.
  • Normal operations and minor projects will be financed from our annual operating fund composed of unrestricted donations and activity fees, supplemented with income from the endowment fund when and as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • At least 10% of all funds will be raised from a large number of donors in the general public to assure broad public support.

Sources of Funds:

  • Internet Fundraising - Unrestricted donations to our operating fund can be made securely by credit card over the Internet, primarily through links on the Foundation's website. The website will be publicized in articles for publication, in speeches and seminars we conduct, and on correspondence and literature promoting the Foundation.
  • Activity Fees - Fees received for speaking engagements and from other fundraising events will be deposited into our operating fund.
  • Major Gifts - Large donations from corporate sponsors, American and foreign private and government institutions, and wealthy individuals and estates will be deposited to our endowment fund, without further restriction unless the donor requests specific restrictions on the use of the funds.
  • Foundation Grants - Grants will be sought from both private and public foundations primarily to support implementation of specific projects or programs, such as the Digital Archive Project. We anticipate that grants will normally be for specific periods of time and that we cannot rely on them for long term support of ongoing programs.
  • Endowment Return on Investment - Income derived from the investment of our unrestricted endowment funds will be allocated with priority to the ongoing support of major projects and programs. Once those requirements are met each year the Board of Directors may transfer a portion of the excess income to the operating fund or add it to the principal of the endowment fund.

Uses of Funds:

  • Digital Archive Project
    • The primary use of funds will be to support the creation and maintenance of the Digital Archive.
  • Other Projects to be funded include:
    • Awards to outstanding graduates of the US Military Academy and the Korea Military Academy who exemplify the spirit of General Van Fleet's motto, "The Will to Win".
    • Prizes to schoolchildren who win essay contests on topics related to General Van Fleet's life and leadership.
    • Grants for academic research pertaining to General Van Fleet's life and leadership.
    • Scholarships to outstanding ROTC cadets who exemplify the spirit of General Van Fleet's motto, "The Will to Win".
    • Others to be determined as time and resources permit.
  • General & Administrative
    • Staff salaries and benefits
    • Professional Services, including accounting and auditing.
    • Telecommunications and Internet
    • Travel